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08/03/10 08:02 PM #32    

David E Staplin

In response to Al's questions, the real issues are:

1.  Will CRS be a reason to get detention?

2.  If yes, then who will remember to show up for it?


08/10/10 06:18 PM #33    

Susan L Getz

Dear Class of "65:

Hope to see all of you of Friday!  My Mom passed away August 3rd at the age of 92.  She was my constant companion, friend, mentor and of course my mother.  She worried that she would not be able to make the trip and therefore, I would not be able to go - now she will be with me in my heart and I will be able to be with all of you - thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  We are having a Memorial Mass for Mom August 19th in Dayton and an obituary will be in the Pittsburgh paper on Sunday August 15th.  Just me - Sue Getz

08/15/10 10:29 PM #34    

David E Staplin

I'm sure I speak for a lot of the Class of 65 in expressing appreciation to the Reunion Committee for all their efforts at making the weekend a big success.

Jane's knock-off of the group picture is posted under my profile.

Dave Staplin

08/16/10 11:44 AM #35    

Toni Jo Martini (Kidd)

Good 2 days after the reunion----it was fabulous!  Especially loved PNC for the setting-----so good to see so many---we all laughed, talked, danced-------what a good memory to add to the Mt. Leb collention!   Love to all----TJ

08/16/10 11:45 AM #36    

Toni Jo Martini (Kidd)

Hey Al-----did not get to see the DVD of  Senior Day----could you post on Youtube so we all could enjoy it????? TJK

08/16/10 04:17 PM #37    

Michael D Roberts

Thanks to the committee and all who made this past weekend possible, and a special thanks to Sue Devlin for this WEB site...off to Phx in the AM, but I got to see the first day of football practice at Lebo today...seems so much easier (what happened to the 8 laps around the field)...

08/16/10 09:22 PM #38    

Gerri Coletta (Greenwood)

Everyone outdid themselves for this reunion!  What a wonderful 2 days to be with everyone!  Thanks to all for the tremendous effort that  was put into making this a terrific experience for all.  It was truly an amazing experience to be with  and talk to so many fun and happy people from our past.   I loved every moment of it and look forward to the next one.   Let's keep this wonderful website going that Sue Devlin did such an awesome job on!

08/18/10 06:42 PM #39    

Greg Zucco

Congratulations to the entire reunion committee, it was one of the best so far. My partner was especially intrigued by my explanation of how many of our classmates came by their nicknames! At the risk of the reunion committee collectively throwing up, should we shoot for another in five years? 

Best regards to all our classmates.

Greg Zucco

08/19/10 12:02 PM #40    


Al Whitehouse

Life is a series of "touch points".  This past weekend was certainly one of them.  "How are you - how have you been?"  "Do you remember when . . .?"  Hopefully, our questions were answered about, "How does she/he look now?", "Are we really 62-63 yrs. old?", "How do I compare with _ _ _ _ ?".  Other touch points were compared - births, kids (how many), grandkids (how many, again), hometown, health and how has it turned out so far.  We now return to our other touch points with family, career, retirement, etc.  Perhaps we can rejoin in 2015 and do it all over again, but with many more participants and stories to tell.

Kudos to the committee and all contributors to the event.  Hard work pays off and you are to be praised.  Keeping the website open for the next five years is a wise, far-reaching plan.  The web won't be recognized in another five years and the ability to connect may be greatly enhanced.  I, for one, am looking for the next event and seeing all of you again.  May God grant you good health and the ability to attend the next party. 


08/19/10 07:47 PM #41    

David E Staplin

Let's not forget the great CDs with the oldies provided by Jim Mete. 

Who needs a DJ?  The Class of '65 has its very own.

Jane and I enjoyed them al the way back to Philadelphia.

Dave Staplin


08/23/10 12:23 PM #42    

Marlene Fitzgerald (Coleman)

I too want to say thanks...this was my first reunion, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I really appreciate the efforts made by the committee to make this a memorable event! The website is awesome!

I recently posted the Jefferson Elem Class picture for 1956-57.  The names are posted on my profile, and we only have a few not identified.  See if you can help figure out any of the ?? left.



08/29/10 12:04 AM #43    

Scott N Parker



Didn't know you were attending or I might have reconsidered the long  haul.



09/27/10 04:08 PM #44    


Al Whitehouse


We hope that our most recent reunion with all of its events was well received and enjoyable for all.  In order to better plan for the next reunion, we would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to complete the survey by accessing the link below:


Your comments and suggestions are most welcome and will assist in the planning and execution of the 50th. Reunion.  So, while memories are fresh, please help us to make our next reunion the best ever!




10/13/10 01:41 PM #45    

Sue Devlin

Posting by Susan Daniell Donaldson

A Unique Blue Devil Club Fundraiser …own the book… 

Mt. Lebanon Football:

A Tradition of Excellence


In 82 seasons, Mt. Lebanon’s football history is extremely impressive; one of the richest in Western Pennsylvania.  It is successful almost anyway it can be measured; state titles (2), WPIAL championships (7), conference championships (20), overall wins (528), overall winning percentage (.680), winning decades (8), and/or winning coaches (6), it just doesn’t matter. Blue Devils football usually means winning football.  Looking deeper and beyond the numbers, trophies and seasons, a tradition of excellence stands out, and it also transcends what was accomplished on the football field.


Written by 1981 Mt. Lebanon graduate and resident Jeff Linkowski, the 320-plus page book is a tribute to the Blue Devils’ players and coaches, and to all the people involved in making Lebo football what it was and is.  Content includes:


Ø     Foreword by Art Walker, Hall of Fame Coach

Ø     Original drawing by Jim Mellett

Ø     In depth coverage of 38 championship caliber seasons or near misses

Ø     Captain and/or player reflections from 12 WPIAL championship game seasons; Walter Blume (1941), Fritz Walker (1955), Jack Mathison (1966), Jack Howard (1967), Ira Houck (1970), Glen Sawhill (1973), John Rees (1980), Bob Schilken (1981), Greg Katshir (1983), Bryan Amos (1984), Scott Clements (1987) and Kevin Weidl (2000)

Ø     Reflections from coaches that appeared in nine WPIAL championship games (Walker and Chris Hearing)

Ø     Reflections from a Rockette (Bette Ridinger Barton), cheerleader (Tracy King Eck) and a lifelong fan and former Blue Devil Club member (Glenn Barton)

Ø     130+ B/W photos (including 38 team photos)

Ø     Appendix with Year-by-Year Records, Cumulative Results and Scoring, Annual Results, Team Records and All-State Honorees


All told, the book makes a unique historical piece and collector’s item. 


Please know that ALL proceeds go to the Blue Devil Club.


The 8 ½ x 11 book is available for purchase three different ways online at www.lulu.com (type “Mt. Lebanon” or “Mt. Lebanon Football” in Find box), or follow the appropriate links below…


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For Paperback ($29.95):



For eBook file download ($19.95):



…in addition to shipping, handling and PA tax.  After hard production costs for each, the Blue Devil Club earns between $15-20 on each purchase.


Please remember, that this book was written with ALL proceeds to benefit the Blue Devil Club.  That was the original premise, and that premise remains true today. 


Please consider purchasing the book.  The Blue Devil Club thanks you.

01/31/11 12:12 PM #46    

Barbara Wright (Renthal)

How can you possibly respond to that except to say another exceptional Mt Lebo graduate makes the world a better place!!! Can't wait to see you in 2015!


02/16/11 09:56 AM #47    


Al Whitehouse

If the world ends in December of 2012, won't that put a crimp in our reunion plans?  Just thinking.

10/12/11 10:29 PM #48    

Susan L Getz

Hi!  Just wanted to zsk a favor of my classmates - it seems that the Persian Gulf War has done a little more damage than last noted.  I now have a few more nice doctors added to my team - the VA hass added me to the Poly Trauma Clinic and the Renal Clinic as I now am in Stage 4 renal failure.  Prayers, kind thoughtss, etc. will help and be gladly accepted.  Two days ago I fell and I go for a body scan tomorrow to see if I have a broken tail bone.  Thank you - Just me - Sue Getz

10/17/11 03:15 PM #49    


Al Whitehouse


You have been through much to much.  My thoughts and prayers will follow you in this period of your life.  Keep a positive outlook and you will be equally supported by your classmates.


05/30/12 02:14 PM #50    


Skip McKee




08/09/13 07:40 AM #51    


Skip McKee




10/29/13 01:12 AM #52    

Susan L Getz

Just read about the "Survey" - sorry I have not kept in touch, however, my computer has been down for so long - I was snot sure if it even worked at all.  The survey results look great - thanks to everyone that participated!  I hope to attend the 2015 reunion as I have enjoyed all that I have attended in the past. 

Just me - Sue Getz

03/20/14 11:54 PM #53    

John T Perry

Speaking as one coming from a fair distance, a couple of thoughts.

1.  The travel cost is signinficantly greater than any individual reunion event cost -- Many from out of town haven't seen any of the class members in 5 years or possibly longer. Our memories are getting spotty, so help us remember who people are -- maybe badges with the high school picture.

2.  We travel with spouses. It would be nice to have an event that could comfortably include spouses. Remember they probably won't know anyone there in planning. Some kind of mixer, maybe?

Thanks for all the hard work.


05/22/14 01:22 PM #54    

Lawren Giles

Howe Elementary School 

Julia Ward Howe Elementary School

6th Grade Class: 1958-59

Row 1: Mr. Grubb, Gail Winsmore, Dan Hudson, Sue Segal, Geo Fischer, Nancy Thornburgh

Row 2: Paul Kawalski, Hattie Edleston, Greg Zucco, Nancy Steele

Row 3:  Margie Carter, Jane Fosset, Jane, Kratzer, Steve Nagel, Jean Parr, Peter van Buskirk, Donna Feton, Greg DuMars

Row 4: Mike Lane, Polly Freeman, Barry Souder, Elaine Rockett, John Laybue, Dianne Marshall, Dick Ham, Elisbeth Burdett

Row 5: Jack Davis, Don Sloane, Mike Christensen, Tom Pope

Row 6: Roger Burge, Larry Hildebrandt


10/02/15 10:59 AM #55    


Dianne Marshall

Hello, Everyone,

What a good event our 50th high school reunion was.  Hats off to the many hands that contributed to the wonderful time we shared.  The amount of work that went into this success is something all of us can appreciate.

The joy in seeing one another again was was rich and deep.  For those of you who were not able to come, you were sincerely missed, though we understand how life can get in the way of "doing it all."

We came away from our reunion time together aware of how much we still have to offer one another.

Thanks to the Class of 1965 Directory we discovered another classmate, Greg Wagner, who did not attend the reunion who lives here in Grass Valley.  We've called him and we'll be having lunch together very soon.  We don't remember him and he doesn't remember us, but we have a lot to talk about, and talk we will.

This is what reunions are about...they are more than a 3-day event in our lives.  Reunions are about staying in touch.

Before we left the Rivers Club last Saturday evening, there was a whisper of a "70th Birthday" party get-together as a possible chance to "reunite" again.  Even if we had to do it, gathering around the nation and skyping with each other, we're in!

Dianne (Marshall) and Lawren (Giles)





10/21/15 12:54 AM #56    

James P Seay

To Scott Robinson:

That's enough pictures for a while!


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