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Howe School

Julia Ward Howe Elementary School was completed in 1928, the third of Mt. Lebanon's current elementary schools--the others being George Washington (1921), Abraham Lincoln (1924), Edwin Markham (1928), Stephen C. Foster (1940), Thomas Jefferson (1950) and Herbert Hoover (1963, after our elementary school tenure). Howe stands on 7 acres on Broadmoor Avenue in the Sunset Hills neighborhood. During our tenure Howe served grades K-6. Howe was renovated in 2003 at a cost of $7 million and now serves grades K-5.

Well Thank You David Coghill.....who has graciously sent in 1952-1959 photos of his classmates at Julia Ward Howe School.  Can you add students' and teachers' names to these smiling faces?  If so, send them to us to post.  In addition to lacking David's Grade 4 photo, we know that we are missing photos of other classes, probably at each grade level.  Bob Niebaum recalls three Grade 6 classes, each class having staffed the Safety Patrol in turn for the first three quarters with the fourth quarter staffed by an "honor" Patrol drawn collectively from the three classes.  But were there two kindergarten classes--morning and afternoon?  And were there three classes at each grade level during our years?  If we check enough basements and attics, we should be able to locate enough photos to complete our set and answer these questions!

David C Coghill
5 Photos  12/21/10
Robert W Niebaum
5 Photos  10/3/15
Patricia Case Roberts
3 Photos  3/3/19