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Markham School

Edwin Markham Elementary School was completed in 1928, the fourth of Mt. Lebanon's current elementary schools--the others being George Washington (1921), Abraham Lincoln (1924), Julia Ward Howe (1928), Stephen C. Foster (1940), Thomas Jefferson (1950) and Herbert Hoover (1963, after our elementary school tenure). Markham stands on 6 acres on Crescent Drive. During our tenure Markham served grades K-6. Markham was renovated in 2004 at a cost of $7.1 million and now serves grades K-5.

Okay Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln.....Markham has finally weighed in thanks to Susan MacFeatters.....who do you recognize....


Sue Devlin
5 Photos  8/26/10
Robert W Niebaum
2 Photos  6/19/14