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SURVEY 50th Hotel Selections

After you make your Reunion hotel reservation, complete the survey below.  This is a separate process from booking your room, and requires additional action on your part, no matter where or how you make your reservation.

Fellow Classmates are asking where the out of town members of our class are staying for the reunion week-end.  At the same time, the Committee wants to track the counts at each hotel so we can determine when we are near our quota on reserved rooms at any location and, if so, try to increase that block.  By completing this Survey, you are supplying the information necessary to meet both needs.  Thank you for participating.

SURVEY results, composed of classmate names and hotels, can be viewed on the "50th Hotel SURVEY Results" page, listed in the menu at the left, below the Survey link.

Names will be updated weekly, as time permits.


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1)   * Which Hotel have you chosen for Reunion weekend?