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Arizona Speaks

Photos contributed by Sue Devlin


The pictures are of people living or wintering or visiting Phoenix. We had a great time and hope to make this an annual thing. If anyone else winters in the Phoenix area we would like to include them also.

You can reach me at camerons9267@yahoo.com or cell# 262-939-6014.

From left to right by the Mustang are Nancy Ross (Lenihan), Barb Jordano (Ross), Barb Wright (Renthal), Joni Amdur (Cohen) kneeling in front, Carol McMillan (Cameron), Nancy Miller (Bobbitt), John Wiehn, Carol Hirschfield (Goldberg), John's wife, Donna, and Greg Zucco kneeling.

We tried our best to will a win for the Steelers.

Thanks for doing this.

Carol Cameron (McMillan)