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Gene Shaffer's Class

Photos contributed by Sue Devlin

What brainiacs do you recognize in this one.....Greg Wagner sent this 6th grade class picture of the 2 experimental 6th grade math classes, one that used calculators (Mr. Shaffer) and a control class that did it the old fashioned way with pencil & paper (Ms. Alexy).  Greg Young & Barry Lieberman (Contributors of Photo) can name a few, some for sure and others with a pretty sure, but maybe if you posted it it on the website we could have more success.  Names that were mentioned (other than me and the 2 Gregs) Jayne Tumpson, Richard Duncan, Sue Brewer, David Bodnar, Alan Crook, Suzie Work, Ruth Ann Breisinger, Nancy Altman, Bruce Weigand, Zoe Howe, Nancy Vinton, Mike Duncombe, Mark Weinberg, Jeff Jubilerer, Elaine Silver, Spencer Wells & Arlene Cenedella.  Greg added Karen Deemer, Ernie Simon, David Bowes, Cathy Creed, Jim Reasinger, Joan Ramer & Eric Peterson all with question marks.