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Jefferson Junior High

Photos contributed by Sue Devlin

Thomas Jefferson Junior High School was completed in 1958, making our Class of 1965 mates some of Jefferson's earliest students. Jefferson Junior High shares 18 acres on Moffitt Street with Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. Between 1937 and 1958, Andrew W. Mellon Junior High School accommodated all junior high school students. During our tenure Jefferson Junior High served grades 6-8. In 1986, long after our tenure, both Jefferson and Mellon Junior Highs were closed due to the declining school-age population of Mt. Lebanon. The high school was renovated to accommodate grades 7-12, with the junior highs operating on the sixth floor. Jefferson was renovated at a cost of $5.4 million and reopened in 1998 as a middle school serving grades 6-8 from the Hoover, Jefferson, Lincoln and Markham Elementary School districts.

Joni Amdur Cohen strikes again with the BasketBall Team.....How about this crew ??