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In Memory

Shaun McNally

SHAUN McNALLY   September 29, 1947 - August 2, 2014

(With permission from his wife, Danielle)

Regretfully, I want to share that Shaun McNally will not be joining us next September at our reunion.  In the words of his wife, Danielle, “His soul is floating free.”  Shaun left us at approximately 10:00PM, August 2, 2014.  He fought a long fight with illness and is finally free from pain. 

On the Sunday of our 45th. reunion, I spotted a “surfer type” passing me at the Pittsburgh International Airport.  Yes, it was Shaun.  Little did I realize that it would be our last good-bye in person.  He was headed back to Pontlevoy, France where he and Danielle finally settled after many years of seeing the world and working as teachers in places like Russia and China.

Who cannot forget his winning smile, sense of humor, creative mind and loyalty to friends.  He maintained contacts with many classmates over the years and remained a Steelers fan to the end.  In the words of the Frank Sinatra song, “He did it my way.”

We will miss our friend, Shaun, but smile when we think of his impact on our lives............

Notes to Danielle:

41400 Pontlevoy

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08/04/14 12:35 PM #8    

Joseph E Minneci

I am very sad to hear of his passing.  He had been ill for some time.  I enjoyed seeing him at 45th.  We exchanged emails on the Pirates resurgence.  I was looking forward to seeing him at the 50th.  My condolences to his wife and family.


08/04/14 05:24 PM #9    

Roger S Cunningham

Shaun was one of those few individuals whom you liked immediately.  No matter the situation, if Shaun were around, things were just better!

I remember corresponding with him by email several years ago.  He told me that if I were ever vacationing in France, my wife and I could stay at his house!  He and his wife would use that time to vacation in other parts of Europe knowing that someone was enjoying (and looking after) his home.  Too bad I never got the chance to take him up on his generous offer.

I know that Shaun will be missed by many of his friends.  I feel fortunate that I was one of them.


08/04/14 07:19 PM #10    

Susan L McFeatters

I recently came across a newspaper clipping with a photo of Shaun, Sue Ketchum and me with little shovels breaking ground for the addition to St. Paul's Episcopal Church. How weird to realize I'm the only one left. Shaun's mother and mine died about the same time and we were both pleased they were hanging out together in the space behind the altar until their ashes were interred.

Susan McFeatters

08/06/14 10:45 AM #11    

Mary Helen Wilson (Beck)

Shaun, I will miss you looking at me and laughing!  You did that every single time we saw one another and it was like we shared the greatest secret of all.  Life is a journey, it was meant to be fun, an adventure, creative and loving!  

Loving you 'all-ways'   your friend, "george"

08/07/14 02:38 PM #12    

Susan L Fleming (Morgans)


I have fond memories of Shaun's funny, subversive behavior in Mr. Manion's homeroom for three years, as well as of the great parties he threw when his parents were away—bad boy!  When Anne Crosby  and I went to Paris for the first time in 1972, we ran into Shaun playing his guitar (with the case catching a few francs) at the entrance to the metro.  He took us that night to some exotic place for Cous Cous and also to a couple of bars in the student quarter where we could not believe that the ladies room was just a room where you had to pee into a hole in the ground (not easy wearing bell bottoms).  In later years, I loved corresponding with him in my fairly lousy French, and was happy to have known his wife, Danielle. It was clear from the pictures of his beautiful home and many animals that they had a very happy life, despite his illness. Shaun, you will not be forgotten.  


08/07/14 07:19 PM #13    

Richard W Chowning

Thanks for being a friend Shaun.......your in good hands now away from the pain......I will never forget your smile and positive view with such a dry sense of humor and welcoming me as a newcomer....best wishes to family and loved ones....

08/08/14 10:15 AM #14    

Elizabeth D Carney

I am sorry that Shaun is gone. He was so lively and friendly. We lived on the other corner of Akron and Ralston the first year (fifth grade) we lived in Mt. Lebanon and I too remember hearing the basket ball late at night. But I do remember something else. All the classes were out behind Lincoln doing gym (probably baseball) and then as were coming in, there was some upset. Shaun had made a bet with someone that he could hold his breath longer than the other guy and he got more and more red faced (as you know, Shaun was ruddy cheeked anyway) and actually fainted but won the bet. The teachers were upset but we kids were really impressed. 

09/14/15 04:02 PM #15    

Peter W (Pete) Phelps

I was sorry to hear of Shaun's passing.  Like some others he graciously invited me to visit him in France during the last reunion but I never quite made it.  I was hoping to see him again this year.   We were never in class together, as Shaun attended Lincoln and I went to Washington, but we would occasionally chat in the halls of the high school.  I got to know Shaun from St. Paul's Episcopal Church.  In third grade we were both in the boy's choir and were the youngest and shortest members.  The choir would file into the church by order of height - shortest first.  Shaun being the shortest boy would lead the processional and I would be right behind him as the second shortest.  (As an interesting note, back then they would pay the boys but not the girls in the girl's choir.)  Shaun will be missed. 

09/15/15 08:10 PM #16    

Susan L McFeatters

I was in the girls' choir at St. Paul's and never knew the boys got paid. Did the boys sing with the grown-ups?

02/09/20 07:00 PM #17    

Janice Huang (Day)

I was deeply saddened to find out about the passing of Mr. Shaun McNally from your website. Mr. Shaun was our English teacher in an university located in southern China around 1994 to 1995. Although we had several American teachers throughout our four years of college, Mr. Shaun was definitely the most remembered one. He not only made his class fun to listen, he also truly cared about each of his student. I was the quiet type in his class, but he noticed my written English skills were quite decent. So he encouraged me to keep writing journals in English. He spent time correcting any mistakes we made from grammar to punctuations. And most imporantly, we learned how to express our thoughts in better English instead of translating them from Chinese into English. When Mr. Shaun learned that I planned to apply for a graduate school in US right after I earned my Bachelor degree, he wrote a very nice recommendation letter for me without me even asking. I could not express my gratitude in words to him.  I sucessfully came to US to pursue a higher degree in 1995 and I ended up staying in the States since then. I truly regretted that I lost in touch with Mr. Shaun. How devastating it is to know he already passed away in 2014 when I finally found him. Many of you were Mr. Shaun's childhood friends and classmates. I read your posts in memory of him and it is great to know he was loved and remembered by so many people. I would just like to leave this note to let you know he was a fantastic teacher with great patience and love to his students and all his students in China will miss him and remember him forever. 


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