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In Memory

Nicholas D Perris

Nicholas D Perris

Susan Fleming found this new in the PG this morning.  May Nick's family treaure their many years together and heal from the sadness with all their many fond memories.   Rest in Peace Nick.


Nick Perris, 74, of Palm City, Florida, passed away on June 3, 2021. Nick is survived by his wife of 50 years, Nancy (Conroy) Perris. He was raised in the Pittsburgh suburb of Mount Lebanon and graduated from Point Park University. The couple moved to Florida in 1972. For over 30 years, Nick was the owner of Central Park Postal Center in Plantation, FL. After retirement the couple moved to Palm City in 2015. Nick will be fondly remembered by his many friends and relatives as a kind, gentle, friendly person, and avid golfer. He was predeceased by his cherished daughter, Colleen, his parents, George and Athena and his sister, Carol Ratisher. No services are planned. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to the Treasure Coast Hospice in his name https://treasurehealth.org/292/Donate.

Published on June 13, 2021

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06/13/21 07:45 PM #1    

Jack Petrelli

MY best friend for many years. We became the best of friends once we were allowed  to cross the street unaccompanied. I lived on Poplar Drive and Cypress way. He and his family were less than a block away on Castle Shannon Blvd. Their back yard bordered Cypress Way. We played together almost every day until we were in our late teens. Nick was the first kid in our neigborhood to have his driver's license and access to a car. I was lucky enough to sit "shotgun" in his little red Tempest convertible! Before that we walked to school every day...every day...together..until sometime  late in in our senior year. At least that is the way I remember those days. We had a pretty much wonderful exixtence playing in the woods building tree forts: playing softball every day that the weather permitted!

     Our father's were cut from the same blue collar thread. His dad wad a painter and mine a laborer who became a stone mason.


We went our separate ways and  lost contact.... but based on the notices (emails) I am receiving from our old pals .... we were all very close and had much fun together growing up in "Sunset" as we called it!


    My most sincere condolences go out for his wife whose friendship I never really got an opportunity to share.

     We will all remember him for the kind gentle soul that he was.


 I can only hope and pray that he  gets someday to be re-united, especially with his daughter and the rest of his family.


May he rest and be in peace for eternity.

06/14/21 12:27 PM #2    

Susan L Fleming (Morgans)

I remember Nicky well from Washington School. He was quiet and well-behaved in comparison with his buddy Jackie Petrelli, who got me in so much trouble giggling at  antics in class that my mom got called in to school by my 4th grade teacher, Miss Bostwick.  There weren't that many Greek families in Mt. Lebanon back then, probably because there was no convenient Greek Church, so I thought Nicky was sort of exotic. I also thought he was lucky to live by the pizza parlor. I do remember him and Jack Petrelli and Lewis Duke teasing and terrorizing me, Elizabeth Moist, who lived up the street from Jack (I lived on Pennsylvania Boulevard), Cindy Stuedler, who lived on Hazel Drive, Margie Crain and a few of us other girls who liked to play in the same  woods  and creek Jack Petrelli mentions.  It was all in good fun back in the day.  I was happy to see that Nick had a good life and family in a nice place and was sorry to learn of his passing,  My deepest sympathy to his family and his close friends. 

06/14/21 06:26 PM #3    

Jim Martin

Just a sincere thank you to Jack and Sue for posting their remembrances of Nick.  I didn't know Nick well but remembered him as Jack described . . . "a kind gentle soul."  He seemed to always have a smile.  Deepest sympathies to his family and his friends.

06/14/21 08:07 PM #4    

Freeman L (Lanny) Russell

I have fond memories of seeing Nick, one of my best friends at Mt. Lebo, at the last reunion, especially the photo of Nick, Jack Petrelli and me at the dinner downtown...the three Amigos! His older sister Carol seemed to always chastise our group, known as the "Sunset Bums" for shenanigans, including throwing snowballs at the trolleys along Pennsylvania Ave. (where I lived). Nick even threw a snowball at night and hit a cop car, unbeknownst until it screeched to a stop. We all bailed into his house. I contacted Nick about a month ago and asked if he was going to the 55+1 reunion. I learned then he was not in good health for about a year, spending two weeks at St. Clair hospital while on vacation. I am convinced it was Covid related. We discussed how to hit a pitching wedge properly, something I always have problems with, but Nick was very instructive, being an avid golfer. He was hopeful that he could regain his strength and play again with his buddies. I regret I will not get the privilege of playing a round with him. He's probably playing now in heaven and hitting 350 yard drives and pitching within 6" of the cup. Well played, Nick, well played.

06/15/21 04:56 PM #5    

Mark H Brown

Jack Petrelli said it all. We had a group that we called the "Sunset Bums" and Nick was a key member. We had a lot of fun and got in to our share of trouble together . I left Mt. Lebanon and moved to CampHill a long time ago, but seeing Nick's yearbook picture and some conversation with Jack brings back a lot of great memories about what a great place Mt. Lebanon was to grow up in. Thank goodness we grew up in the days when kids could be out until it was time for dinner and were pretty free to roam. Rest in peace Nick.

06/15/21 11:43 PM #6    

Peter W (Pete) Phelps

   Nick Perris - 5th Grade Photo

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Nick Perris.  It brings back so many memories thinking of him.  I became friends with Nick in 2nd grade at Washington Elementary School.  Because our last names were alphebetically in order (Perris, Petrelli, Phelps) I often sat behind either Nick Perris or Jack Petrelli and I got to know both of them, hanging out together and going to their homes via walking, biking and eventually driving.  Nick was always pleasant to be around.  We stayed friends all the way through high school and then lost touch.  Nick saw a photo I took in Greece that I posted prior to the 50th reunion.  He contacted me and I convinced him to attend the reunion and we could “catch up.”  He mentioned he lived in Florida and his sister also lived in Florida near me.  He even had played golf near my place.  I wish I had done a better job of keeping in touch since the reunion.  He will be missed. 

06/16/21 02:26 PM #7    

Gerri Coletta (Greenwood)

I, also knew Nick from elementary school. He was always kind, fun, thoughtful, happy and smiling.  I hadn't seen him since high school and was pleasantly surprised to see him at our last reunion. I got to spend some time talking with him and catching up on things.  I was hoping to see him in September at the upcoming reunion. I'm so very sorry to hear of his passing.    RIP, Nick. 

06/28/21 03:21 PM #8    

Jack Petrelli

I forgot to mention one important aspect of our friendship: when Nick and I were not playing outside we were in his basement playing pool! He even let me win every once in awhile!

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