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In Memory

Jim Reynolds

Jim Reynolds


JIM J. REYNOLDS, 72, of Moline died Monday, October 28th, 2019, at home.  


Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory      701 12th. St.          Moline, IL  61265

(309) 764-1144



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10/29/19 04:54 PM #1    

Sue Devlin

He was such a wonderful Happy man (with a Grinch smile) and deserves Kudos from all.  He will be remembered by so many...and I assume he is in heaven with the two Barry's setting up the round table for some fun poker times.  I had the pleasure dining with him at the 50th Reunion and got a dose of his humor one last time....I am so glad I had that time.

I hope you all will join in and send a Memorial note...at times like these we all like to join hands to heal.  May be R.I.P. 

10/29/19 06:47 PM #2    

Daniel A Dent

One of my good friends. He was a character in the truest sense of the word. We shared many a brew and Poker Game. Sadly the Poker table at the 301 Club is really filling up. 

10/29/19 09:22 PM #3    

Irwin Kalson

     How appropriate.   It's almost devil's night.  Jim and I enjoyed many acts of random, mindless, wanton deviltry together.   This, in our 50's.  You should have seen us when we had no sense.  Fast friends for over 60 years.  Miles and time kept us apart, but never separated us.  Love is a stronger binding than chains.  Or handcuffs. 

    Many knew Jim as the fabulous and/or immaculate  forehead.  Just look at that picture.  He was also known by the Washington School cognoscenti as Freddy Forehead.  The great Miss Voegle, 6th grade , often confused Jim's name with Freddy Wenger's and would call him Freddy Reynolds, always pronounced Ray-nolds.  Yet another legitimate excuse for hijinks  and revelry.  But his best nom de guerre was one that you will have to ask me about in private.  It's too hot for this bible.

     I last talked with Jim about 8 weeks ago.  He was weak, but spoke as if he were...Jim Reynolds.  Our discussion was serious, as I wanted to know how he was fairing.  He was honest and matter of fact.  After we drained that well, he asked how I was.  "Better than you."  Hilarity ensued between us one last time.  (Ok, I'm a jagoff.  Sue me.)   Our last time together, for a Steeler game, we revisited the Washington School playground where we spent enough time to earn post- docs in slide and merry go round.

     I will miss him forever.

10/30/19 11:20 AM #4    

Greg Zucco

Nice Irwin. Well stated. Lots of memories pour forth when remembering the "Head". Too many to recount and recall. The Hound is ready to receive you Jim. RIP

10/30/19 11:38 AM #5    

Susan L Fleming (Morgans)




I don't think I can add much to Irwin's tribute. We all were friends at Washington School and into adulthood. I always thought of him as a very confident person who could get along with a diverse group of people. And he made a fashion statement out of those black glasses back in the days before glasses were fashionable. I will remember his great sense of humor. An indelible person!



10/30/19 12:50 PM #6    

Dennis Devlin

Rest In Peace Head...you will be missed by many.  You were a great friend as Irwin has pointed out.  You were fun to be with and always ready to lend a hand to anyone who needed it.  Losing you, Eb and Bar-boy so close together is hard to take, but it shows we aren't getting any younger.  Love ya man !!

10/30/19 01:36 PM #7    

Chris Eby

Hi everyone,
Head---the Immaculate 4 Head--- has taken a seat at the great poker table in the sky. Ferb told me about it yesterday and he and I agreed we would call vs email folks to notify them, but not having tele #s and wanting to reach out before it was no longer ‘news’,  here ya go. I did call and talk to Drag---he still doesn’t have a computer. Couldn’t be more bummed about the Head’s passing. But when we talked a few weeks ago he was at peace and ready to begin the next leg of his journey. It was a long battle he had with the evil C. He fought it longer, and tougher, then I think most thought possible. But a wonderful life. Lived it pretty much his way; witty sarcasm; eclectic vocabulary, tell it like it is attitude, great card player, beautiful person. He joins bro Barry, Lumpy, Frump, Shannon, Bill Morgan, Dave Elliot, Barry Sauter, Jimmy Pease, and others ---I apologize---at the Lord’s poker table. We’ll all take a seat with them eventually, but let’s not hurry.
Please pass below along to those who may not be on the lebo 1965 portal.

Chris ‘Egor’ Eby


10/31/19 03:21 PM #8    

Brooks A (Dog) Diggans

hey Head, you were awesome always fun.... and a good source of high school income couldnt play card to save your butt God                                                                              bless you save me a  seat at the round table love dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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