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In Memory

Robert W (Buzz) Ritter

Robert W (Buzz) Ritter

ROBERT WAYNE “BUZZ” RITTER            March 14, 1947  --  December 15, 2020

Monica, the wife of our beloved Buzz, sent the following information to Roger Cunningham.   We have also added a couple of comments from his profile that seem to be appropriate for our friend.

With deep sadness we are reporting the passing of Buzz Ritter.  He left us on Tuesday, December 15th  2020 at 3:07AM.  His wife Monica has given us permission to share the following.

Buzz kept in touch with many of his high school friends sharing his life adventures and political pass-arounds.  Roger Cunningham shared this last exchange:

“Hello Roger,

This is Buzz’s wife of 46 years, Monica.  Buzz passed away Tues. 15th 3:07 in the morning.  He always shared your funnies with me & I was looking forward to meeting you at a reunion someday.  For now please continue to keep him in the funny story/joke loop.



Monica continued....

“We had 46 years of adventures & creating a wonderful family together.  He was so loved in this community.  He spread his creative wings here in this rain forest that he loved.  (Juneau, Alaska)  Yes, communicate his passing with his Pittsburgh classmates and friends.”  

Lebo Friends report......

Buzz was a happy spirit...his occupation noted in his Profile...."Joyfully Retired" yepp, that's Buzz !  He had 2 children, Jake and Sarah, who blessed him with two Grandchildren, Zara born in 2010 and Boone born in 2012.  Remembering him from the 50th Reunion...his noted quote "you can take the boy out of Mt Lebanon, but it's hard to take Mt. Lebanon out of the boy." sad

Rest in Peace, Buzz.   You will be missed by many.   

Condolences from the Class of '65 to Monica and the family....let your beautiful memories surface and replace the pain of this loss very soon.



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01/13/21 03:13 PM #1    

Al Whitehouse

On Friday night of the "70th. Birthday Bash", I arrived early to greet the attendees.  The first to arrive was Buzz.  I extended my hand to greet him.  Instead of his hand, he extended a Clark Bar and a Zagnut bar.  I hadn't seen him for years, but he shared that the candy was not readily available in the 'Burgh, so he brought the gift from Juneau thinking that I would appreciate the memory.  That was Buzz. 

He, like many, was disappointed that we had to postpone the 55th., but was looking forward to introducing his wife, Monica, to the "55 + 1" in September.  We will all miss his humor, intellect and positive outlook toward life.

01/13/21 03:32 PM #2    

Susan L Fleming (Morgans)

I don't think I ever remember NOT knowing Buzz.  He and I went to the same church (way too much, I think, in both of our opinions), and his mom and dad, Martha and Wayne, and his dear Aunt Amy were in the same Sunday School Class with my parents.  His older brother Gordon, who had learning challenges, was also always involved at our church,  helping out with whatever needed to be done, including ushering.  Buzz and I "suffered" together through Sunday School, extended session Sunday School, Sunday night MYF, along with Wednesday choir, Bible study and dinner, probably not always very well- behaved and only enjoying it some of the time.  Our partners in crime  at church were Sid Wolverton, also sadly gone, Sue Pozzi, Kris Larson, Roberta Turnbull,Shirley Weber and Margie Crain, as I recall.  We remained friends through high school and have always stayed in touch.  I have enjoyed seeing him at reunions and hearing about Alaska his wonderful family.  Buzz was very smart and very funny (a bad combination if you are sitting next to him anywhere serious!)  I did not realize how creative he was, but it seems that he enterained a lot of people with his music and his cuisine in Alaska.  I know he was a loving husband and a wonderful father and grandad.  I will miss him.

01/14/21 05:08 PM #3    

Jane Anne Michaelson

Buzz was a dear friend in high school and afterwards.  Every Christmas we exchanged Christmas cards and sat together for dinner at the last reunion.  I noticed he hadn't been posting anything on Facebook for awhile so sent him a message asking if he was okay, and the reply I received was that he hadn't been feeling well.  He wanted me to meet Monica at our 55th reunion so I hoped when Covid was under control and we finally had our reunion I would get to meet her.  Buzz, thank you for making me laugh -- you will always be remembered.  

01/16/21 10:27 PM #4    

Michael D Roberts

Buzz was great friends with nearly everyone, but he was often with our small group of miscreants, Doug, Rick, Carl and Joe included. I remember going to his house if he day. Apparently his folks a re very neat, and buzz was quite concerned about us leaving even a speck of rust. He actually got me a glass of milk after promised to wash the glass. While drinking. He asked me a question which I attempted to answer while drinking, spilling milky everywhere. About the only time I saw him mad I recall him picking up mY brothers cello whole waiting for me to finish dinner at my home. With no experience  he played Eve of destructing n on the cello! He could read war and peace but in about an.  hour then quote specific passages. I can remember a number of stories like the last will and testament devised while sitting in the Lebo pokey after an underage drinking episode. 

01/17/21 02:53 PM #5    

Roger S Cunningham

I met Buzz in Junior High and we were friends ever since. I don’t think I ever had a class with Buzz, and we weren’t neighbors, so we were never “close” friends, but I always enjoyed his company. One of my memories is convincing school administration to let us form a Boys' cheerleading team for the last home football game our senior year. Buzz was part of our squad. As you can see from the picture on page 57 of our Mt. Lebanon Log, we had a blast!

RIP, old friend.

01/17/21 06:46 PM #6    

Michael D Roberts

Well that explains it. Last reunion I mentioned something about buzz being  a cheerleader at our football games but he denied it. I referred to this t photo you mention. 

06/15/21 05:16 PM #7    

Ken Harbert

I met Buzz a number of times in Lebo but was not close strange I returned from Vietnam and say him in San Diego when I was at Coronado training and he was wonderful and made my coming back alot easier because we just talked about Lebo and the life we had then making me feel I had truely returned home. Thanks Buzz for all you did for me I have never forgotten those kind words and excellent laughter. Peace be with you.


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