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In Memory

David Johnson

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08/19/15 03:11 PM #2    

Sue Devlin

Thank you, Scott.  I think many of us remembered him from Mellon and High School.  I was wondering where he went after he left Mt. Lebanon, but knowing he went on to Colgate was interesting...he was a great athlete and a good friend of my brothers.  I know many from Mellon remembered him.

08/20/15 03:39 PM #3    

Susan L Fleming (Morgans)

Here is a funny story about Dave Johnson ( who I went all the way through Washington Elemetary and Mellon with).  I don't remember whether we were juniors or seniors, but he had already moved and the junior/senior prom was coming up.  Barry Souder said that Dave Johnson was coming in that weekend and asked me if I would be Dave's date.  So I said, "Sure." We were going to double with him and Pam Hussing.  (I am pretty sure I am remembering this right),  So the evening of the event came and Dave knocked on the door of my house and came in loooking great and made his usual nice conversation with my mom and dad. And he gave me a beautiful corsage. I thought I looked really nice, of course! Than, when we got into the car, he said, "Sorry, but that's Pam's corsage. I didn't have time to get you one."  So I took it off and pinned it on Pam.  Oh well, it probably was one of those dumb purple orchids anyway!  And we still had a good time. 


08/20/15 08:30 PM #4    

Susan L McFeatters

I do believe David Johnson was the first boy I ever kissed. Must have been during junior high school since I went to Markham.

08/21/15 11:43 AM #5    

Dennis Devlin

As a good friend of Dave's I spent a lot of after school time with him playing b-ball in his driveway or wrestling in his room (gettinmg my a-- kicked)....anyhow Dave's brothers had a very strange "nickname" for him....they called him "UN" as in Unconscious becasue Dave was often off in a cloud.  Anyhow I missed Dave and Bob Wells after they left Lebo.

08/21/15 10:26 PM #6    

Kathryn Willis (Burling)

Golly, Susan, my first kiss was with Dave, sophomore year. Over that summer I moved to Ohio. My sophomore year in college, three sorority sisters and I spent a fall weekend at Colgate. On the Saturday evening of that weekend we went to a fraternity party that was Dave's fraternity. It was great renewing a friendship with him. He was witty and had a great sense of humor. I never, of course, dreamed it would be the last time I would ever see him. He is missed. 

Kathryn Willis Burling 


08/22/15 09:17 AM #7    

Susan Daniell (Donaldson)

David Johnson was my boyfriend in either 7th or 8th grade.  He use to walk me home from Mellon Jr High, which was pretty romantic considering that he lived almost next door to Mellon and I lived all the way down Washington Road.  He sent me a telegram when he moved with his family to Switzerland that read, "Not good-bye, just good-night".  I thought I would see him again but I am not sure that I ever did.  He was a fine young man!

08/23/15 01:31 PM #8    

Al Whitehouse

David Joshnson must have been very popular.

08/24/15 05:44 PM #9    

Toni Jo Martini (Kidd)

Al,   so was he your first kiss?    That is the question for our reunion----"So how many here had any kind of physical affection from David Johnson?"   Does not surprize me at all---that smile............


08/24/15 05:55 PM #10    

Al Whitehouse

Apparently, I was in the wrong line and missed my turn.

09/07/15 12:02 PM #11    

Peter W (Pete) Phelps

I knew Dave in 5th (Washington) through 8th grade (Mellon) but lost touch when his family spent a year in Switzerland during 9th grade.  I remember at some point he had a paper route in the Central Square apartment area.  In junior high we would hang out at his house on Hazel Drive.  I also remember his brothers nicknamed him "Un."  I thought it was because of one or more sleepwalking episodes.  In 8th grade Dave and I worked on a presentation for music class together for which we received a B (can't remember the teacher's name).  Dave was both a good athlete and a good student.  He was genuinely a nice person and is missed. 

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