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In Memory

Catherine V Campbell (Rhorer)

Catherine V Campbell (Rhorer)

Submitted by Reed Pyeritz:

Cathy was a scholar of Sanskrit and died in her 20's of cancer

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02/28/10 11:15 AM #1    

Nancy J Altman (Brickman)

I was saddened to read this. I've thought of Cathy from time to time over the years and wondered what happened to her, one of those people I wished I'd made the effort to keep track of. I remembered her as a very bright, warm, and with-it friend, with a sophistication I couldn't keep up with, and a knack for keeping in touch, even when I didn't. I was looking through the class list for Cathy, and was having trouble, because I couldn't bring to mind her last name. How sorry I was to find her in the In Memory section.

01/26/11 10:09 PM #2    

Janet Arlene Taylor (Carroll)

Only having found this site today, I was saddened to find the loss of Cathy Campbell, she was brilliant and with more time could have contributed so much.


11/30/13 01:58 PM #3    

Elizabeth D Carney

Cathy and I went to college together and we both went on to doctorates in classics. My parents were living in New Haven by the time Cathy started grad school at Yale, so we saw each other regularly over the years. She got a tenure track job at Wesleyan and had only been there a year or two when she was diagnosed with really aggressive cancer. She died right around or just before her 33rd birthday, in the late fall or December of 1980. She was very straightforward about her situation and used to meet friends in New Haven before she went for radiation treatment. I hadn't known her very well in high school, but came to know her better because of our similar career paths. People were often put off by her formidable intellect (it wasn't Sanskrit, but she did become proficient in both Greek and Latin in a matter of months), but she really was a very kind person and faced her early death with a fortitude I doubt that I could manage even now.

07/07/14 03:58 PM #4    

Louis E. Cox, Jr. (Cox)

Cathy and I went out together several times in the spring of my senior (her junior) year at Mt Lebanon. I was well aware that she was an extraordinary girl, of great beauty, intelligence and personal integrity, but being a fickle and frivolous idiot at the time, I abandoned her. My loss, not hers, of course. Now, having learned of her death, I can offer her only my sadness and regret.

07/08/14 11:08 AM #5    

Catharine Hoar (Hardin Penson)

I remember Cathy. She and I both spelled  our first names with a 'C' and we both had Miss Dean for a homeroom teacher and we both loved to ski.  There the similarities definitely stopped, as she was brilliant (went to Mt Holyoke (? ) or was it Wellsley?) and I was just your average, everyday student.  I was sorry to hear of her death.

Cathy Hoar Penson



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