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In Memory

Barrett W (Barry) Souder

Barrett W (Barry) Souder

OBITUARY -- Posted at 3:01 AM June 8  -- written by his Family for Cape Cod Times

Barrett (Barry) W. Souder  --  January 5, 1947 - June 7, 2018

BREWSTER - Barry Souder, loving family man, a consummate teacher, co-founder of the

Brewster Whitecaps, and former athletic director of Cape Tech, passed away Thursday, June 7. He

was 71.

In so many ways the face of Brewster, with trademark tufts of white hair, a wry engaging humor,

and an enriching word for everyone, Souder, in both his service to the town and privately in his

selfless support for others, always led with his heart. He was as wise as he was caring, as much a

mentor as he was a student of life. An athlete to the core, Barry was a man for all seasons.

A longtime Brewster resident, Souder was born in Chicago, raised in Redwood City, CA and

Pittsburgh, PA. He was a Mt. Lebanon High School alumni and was a Pennsylvania State Wrestling

Champion in 1965. He graduated in 1972 from Ohio University where he met his wife Nancy, and

thus initiated an incredible 45-year marriage where the two morphed into one, as close a union as

anyone has seen in these parts. It is hard to write about one without the other.

Nancy, retired now, taught for decades with distinction at the Stony Brook Elementary School, and

Barry became a teacher at Cape Tech in 1976, then athletic director until his retirement seven years

ago. He subsequently became a counselor at LIFE in Hyannis, assisting individuals with learning


Always a teacher, Souder’s energy, love of sports, and organizational skills led him to be a cofounder

in 1987 of the Brewster Whitecaps in the Cape Cod Baseball League; currently there are 23

Whitecaps Alumni playing in the Major Leagues. Early on, Souder expressed the view that the new

team’s logo should combine the spirit of baseball and the vitality of ocean whitecaps from which

the team took its name. The stitches of a baseball, Souder believed, tie together not only the

horsehide, but a community team and the surrounding ocean. Over the years, Souder served as

Whitecaps vice president, general manager, a longtime member of the Whitecaps Board of

Directors, and on the Cape League’s Hall of Fame Advisory Board, which he organized.


Barrett W. Souder

But there was far more to Barry Souder than in the classroom and on the baseball field. He loved

traveling, the beach, the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, college baseball, and sitting on his back

deck in West Brewster taking in the grace of summer air and playing with his grandchildren. He

often traveled with his wife Nancy to Stamford, CT. and Santa Barbara, CA. to be with his

children, Kristin and Ryan, and his four grandchildren to whom he taught everything about life

from boating, fishing, gardening, shucking oysters, and learning to sail on a sunfish; he also

regularly provided tractor rides for his grandchildren on his land in the Brewster woods and earlier

taught his children how to drive with care down the long winding family driveway and on the

outer beach.

In addition to his wife and children, Kristin, who lives in Stamford with her husband Aaron Hall,

and Ryan who lives in Santa Barbara with Alyne, Souder is survived by: three granddaughters,

Abigail, Ivy and Coral, and grandson Oakley; his sister Kim and her husband Lawrence Maggio; a

sister-in-law Linda Souder; mother-in law-Virginia Albright, sister-in-laws and a brother-in-law

and many nieces and nephews. Souder’s brother Scott and his parents, Jean and William, are


Memorial services will be held Friday, June 15 at 11:00 am at Brewster Baptist Church. In lieu of

flowers a donation can be made to a fund for Barry’s grandson Oakley for medical purposes. Please

visit www.gofundme.com/barry039s-gift.

The Outer Beach, Pleasant Bay, the Brewster flats, Whitecaps field, and life for his family and

friends will never be the same without Barry Souder, a teacher and guardian angel to all.

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06/11/18 12:03 AM #2    

Robert W (Buzz) Ritter

So saddened to hear of Barry's death!  Another son of Sunset Hills bites the dust......I remember him as a person of great good humor, and a really kinetic and thrilling artist, as it were, on the wrestling mat.  He was the wit of Howe School in his time there. Barry will be missed!



06/11/18 12:45 AM #3    

Michael D Roberts

I did not know Barry well. My very short attempt at wrestling brought me a bit into his world, and I recall how good he was. It's disappointing I got to know so few of our 700 classmates.  And as I read his obituary I sense we might had had similar interests. Rest in peace. We all have so little time left...too bad it's taken seventy years to understand that. 

06/11/18 08:16 AM #4    

Jeffrey D Jubelirer

He was a great wrestler and I was a team mate on mt Lebanon braves. Goodness and well-being to all his loved ones.

06/12/18 12:10 PM #5    

Steven H Nagel

My best friend growing up. My Best Man in our wedding and one of the best guys period.  Rest in peace Barry Boy.. 

06/12/18 07:05 PM #6    

Sue Devlin


Barrett (Barry) W. Souder:    1947 - June 8, 2018

From the Cape Cod Times

Whitecaps co-founder Souder ‘was one of a kind’

BREWSTER — Barry Souder always wanted to lend a hand.

Whether it was soliciting ads, fixing the team’s scoreboard or assisting in the front office, Souder was always willing to give his time to the Brewster Whitecaps, a team he co-founded in 1988.

“Barry kept showing up for 30 years,” said Mike Gradone, a Whitecaps board member. “First words out of his mouth were always, “What can I do?”

Souder, who was Brewster’s first general manager, remained with the team as a board member, even attending a meeting this past Wednesday.

That’s why those associated with the team and the Cape League said they were shocked and saddened to hear that Souder died in his sleep Thursday night. He was 71.

According to Whitecaps president Chris Kenney, his funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at Brewster Baptist Church.

Souder, who also served on the Cape League’s Hall of Fame Advisory Committee, helped make the Cape League whole.

He, along with fellow Brewster Whitecaps ‘founding fathers’ Bob Drummond, Ty Brown, Alan Harrison and Dennis Hanson helped add the team to the Cape League in 1988. The Bourne Braves were also added that year, putting the league at its current field of 10 teams.

“Our franchise began at a meeting with the Brewster Recreation Department,” Souder said in 2013. “Our goal was to get a regulation (youth) baseball field and it evolved into building a Cape League franchise.”

Brewster general manager Ned Monthie said Souder helped show him the ropes of being a general manager.

“He was a great help because I came in, especially as a rookie, unsure of what to do or how to do things,” Monthie said. “He took me under his wing and really went with me to GM meetings and helped me through the transition period so I could get reports in correctly and everything. He was very helpful that way. He was always willing to help. I’m going to sorely miss him. He was a great man.”

Claire Gradone, also a board member, recalls celebrating with Souder after the Whitecaps won the 2017 Cape League title, their first since 2000.

“He was ecstatic,” Claire said. “We had a group hug with him and his grandsons after.”

Outside of the Whitecaps, Souder was a former athletic director at Cape Cod Tech.

“We’ve lost an enormous sense of history,” Mike said. “We’re not going to be able to replace that. He was one of a kind.”

06/12/18 07:24 PM #7    

Sue Devlin

I think I finally got the information to our IN MEMORY file accurately.   Barry was like a brother to me as he was one of my brother Dennis' best friends growing up....and remained so from afar.  I don't think any of the classmates of Mt. Lebanon really ever lose contact with those friends we made in the Ivy Walls of Lebo High.  They were magical years, and as we all face the final quarter of life, these memories become more vivid.  At a sad time like the loss of a dear person, we can only reflect on the happy times.  May you Rest in Peace, Barry and may God help your family with their pain from the loss of a beloved person.  You will be missed by many.

06/13/18 07:57 AM #8    

Susan Newman (Darrah)

So sad to hear of Barry's death.  Yes, memories flying back to senior year, he sure made it fun....even my mom who is 95 remembers him with fondness.

06/13/18 08:28 AM #9    

Russell F Roscoe

I have spent the last few days reminiscing about Barry.  Barry and I became friends in the 5th grade through High School.  Laughing at some of the things we did.  I believe right now he is in heaven with Jim peace practicing takedowns.  Barry was a good friend and I thank him for the Memories.  May the Lord comfort his family as They Mourn his loss.  


06/13/18 01:04 PM #10    

Jack McCarty

Barry and I became good friends at Ohio U. We joined the same fraternity and lived together along with Joey Dickinson. We have stayed in touch since then and have gotten together reguarly so I was stunned and can't come to grips with his passing. Many memories of good and downright crazy times together. Barry made a lot of friends and was hilarious to be around. People forget what a great champion and punishing wrestler he was. Barry delivered the pain in practice and in competition, but off the mat he couldn't have been nicer. We had a great time at the 2016 NCAA Tournament in New York and I was able to show him the city. Pittsburgh hosts next season and that was in the works for another reunion. I thought we would go on for many years so I can't believe it's over. My condolences go out to Nancy and the family.

08/24/18 01:43 PM #11    

Sue Devlin

This is a photo of Barry that my brother, Dennis, had in his phone.   He was fortunate to see Barry, ironically, when he was in town for Barry Eby's Memorial Service and learned Barry was in town visiting his mother-in-law.  Barry Souder was unaware that Barry Eby passed.

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